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Appeared less than 2 years ago, it has captured your hearts by making you vibrate with the news. It conquered France, establishing itself as THE most viewed crypto medium. Such a secret should be shared and known to all. English, Spanish, Russian, so many hearts still to be taken … Ladies and gentlemen, to thank you for your loyalty, we have the honor and the privilege of inviting you to an exclusive event. Put on your best costume, help yourself to a drink (in moderation, please!) And make yourself comfortable. With us today, a distinguished guest, I named Jérémy Bendayan, the founder of the medium that you all appreciate. After a brief history of TCT you will have the privilege of attending a preview of Cryptocurrencies V2. Good tasting to you :

Jérémy Bendayan, the digital gambler

Before tackling TCT itself, it is, in my opinion, always interesting to know a little more about the career of its founder.

Jeremy Bendayan is a contractor turned towards the Digital Marketing. In 2013, he co-founded Adsvisers, a company specializing in online advertising. The company is growing and supports nearly 350 European clients in their digital transformation.

Alas, you see dear readers, Jeremy has what some consider a vice: he loves to bet. This is how in 2015, he hears for the first time about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Interested in the potential gains, he decides to invest in them. Let’s be honest, a lot of us came back this way and like us, Jeremy then became interested in the technology behind it and saw its potential. The years go by and early 2019 the question will come that will change everything for him.How can a technology with so much possibility be so underrepresented in the French media?

When a family bet … gives birth to a heavyweight in the French ecosystem

The main advantage when you work in digital communication is that you know by heart how the SEO. SEO, that little magic acronym that means you have mastered the language of the God of Google. To thank you for having suitably praised him, as the chosen one you will be placed at the top of searches.

Jeremy confident in the potential of blockchain, challenges himself with Didier Uzan, his uncle developer by profession: “With my SEO experience and your technical skills, could we create a blockchain media only optimized for SEO?“. And yes, when others focused on looks or articles, Jeremy preferred SEO.

Cryptocurrencies is born in April 2019 and only 3 months later its launch, the figure of 400,000 visitors per month is reached. The challenge is over, but it would be a shame to stop there.

Cryptocurrencies is growing, so is its team

Jeremy then begins to surround himself with recruits such as Hellmouth Banner (which we do not present to the elders), who will later become the editor-in-chief of TCT, before leaving us shortly. Zoe de La Roche and its news sections. Maxence Roux and Thierry wariro, head of social networks at TCT and Gaétan Lajeune, your servant in charge of interviews, who is currently writing his lines.

Number of temporary writers and articles later, In February 2020, TCT became the largest French blockchain media with nearly 1 million visitors per month.

Cryptocurrencies is getting professional and aiming for the moon

“Said Jeremy, what do you want to do? – The same as every night Didier, trying to conquer the world ”

It seems that it is on these words which I hope, you have the original reference, that TCT launches a greater ambition. However, to achieve such an objective, it will be necessary to go through a professionalization and a complete overhaul of the media.

It is in these circumstances thatin February 2020, Frédéric Bonelli becomes the majority shareholder and the new CEO of Cryptocurrencies. With its experience of traditional media such as Forbes and his background as an editor and business executive, he’s completely restructuring this one.

To the elders already mentioned, are added Nicolas Teterel, Sylvain Saurel, Thomas Andrieu, Florian Victor, Jordan talet, Glory W., Guillaume Moret-Bailly, Karen Jouve, Velleyen Sawmy and many others.

We will not forget to quote Laura.P, this shadow woman who contributes to many negotiations and upcoming projects such as our YouTube channel, as well asAlexander, responsible for capsule format which you will discover soon.

Because yes, Cryptocurrencies has already started to make its own Soft fork simply titled “TCT V2” with the deployment of video interviews. This is only the beginning, so expect a launch in English, Spanish, Russian, as well as the organization of contests and multiple video formats very soon. The world is within our reach!

I would be a terrible host if I spoil the surprise for you, so I’ll let Jeremy show you all of this for himself:


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