Where’s the year-end rally? Is it still coming or is caution called for? – columns

December 15, 2020

of Jürgen Schmitt, Börsen-Spiegel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

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Dear investors,

As usual, the new “Stock Exchange Week” provides you with a review and outlook on current stock market events. Our stock exchange correspondent Mick Knauff will of course report what is going on on the Frankfurt trading floor. And there was nothing to be seen of the much-described Christmas rally last week. Is it still coming or will it fail? That certainly also depends on how investors classify the recent lockdown measures in Germany. But there are justified hopes that things will get going again on the stock exchanges in the direction of 2021. Why? Now watch our new video on

Sincerely you

Jürgen Schmitt

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Jürgen Schmitt (48) studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda and is co-founder of Börsen-Spiegel Verlagsgesellschaft mbH ( Here you can also register for his free daily newsletter BÖRSEN-SPIEGEL daily. With his research team, he has been looking after professional and private investors for many years. Jürgen Schmitt is a renowned financial expert, chief analyst of numerous stock market publications and initiator of the multi-asset fund MS Global One (

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