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Will a BTC maximalist go so far as to pay Hollywood productions to advertise Bitcoin (BTC) in feature films, TV series or animated films? BTC and cryptocurrencies in general invest film studios and actors’ scripts.


Bitcoin: the Hollywood star

Some TV series, like Big Bang Theory in 2017 or Simpsons in February 2020, referred to Bitcoin and cryptos in recent years.

On December 7, 2020, the platform MyCrypto tweeted that ” Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether have been mentioned on Shameless “.

The 1st episode of season 11 of Shameless entitled This is Chicago made mention of Bitcoin.

The character of Dash said to another “This is my crypto” then specifying “My Bitcoin “.

He added that his Bitcoins had “dropped by 30” and was using them as leverage for his Tethers (USDT) and his Ethers (ETH).

The other character participating in the conversation replied that he had no idea what Dash had just said.

Dash went on to explain that oil futures had drained his portfolio in the spring; in case of a 2 point drop on its cryptos, it should cover a margin call.

Knowing cryptos without understanding them

According to observers, comments from Dash have little meaning. The Tether can be used in leveraged trading with Bitcoin, but the reverse seems illogical.

The exact meaning of “decrease to 30” is unclear. A drop of $ 30 is just tiny for Bitcoin.

The observations of Dash on the price of oil, on the other hand, seem to conform to the reality observed during the spring.

While this dialogue seems illogical, these mentions show a growing general public awareness of cryptocurrencies.


Screenwriters should take crypto lessons to create dialogues that hold water on Bitcoin and altcoins. Understanding cryptos at the moment seems to be reserved for insiders, which may boost the ego of some cryptophiles but, be a hindrance to the adoption of crypto projects. BTC returned to $ 19,000 on December 13, 2020, relaunching the race for $ 20,000. A BTC dropping by 30: a “no event” except for those uninitiated to Bitcoin’s volatility, unless it’s a 30% crash.


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