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December 14, 2020

from Stephan Feuerstein, Editor-in-Chief for Leverage Certificates Trader

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Although the current lockdown determines the media landscape in this country, the negotiations about Great Britain’s exit from the European Union are also coming to the fore again. There is still no result and negotiations continue. Should there still be a “deal” at the last second, this should certainly give the stock markets a sigh of relief. In this case, there would be a positive impulse that could then push the DAX to new all-time highs!

Risk of a “no deal”

If, however, no common ground can be found in the negotiations and the feared “no deal” should come about at the turn of the year, this should leave a corresponding mark on the stock markets. In this case, investors are likely to continue to step on the brakes, so that new all-time highs will initially recede into the distance.

No surprise!

At the weekend, the individual country leaders quickly agreed that the nationwide lockdown will start on Wednesday at the latest. Previously, Baden-Württemberg had already pushed ahead, which also resulted in different details in the lockdown. Although this has left its mark on the economic cycle, the stock markets have by no means reacted negatively by surprise. Rather, it was assumed in advance that the “lockdown light” would be followed by the complete lockdown. However, it remains to be seen which economic consequences will actually emerge from this, which will then also give impetus to the stock markets. Around 250,000 vulnerable places are expected. Should the bankruptcy wave prove to be less severe, however, this ray of hope could have a supportive effect on the stock markets. We can therefore look forward to the figures for the fourth quarter in particular.

Is it a good time to start?

Many individual stocks have responded to the rally that emerged after the slump in March with pronounced consolidation in recent weeks. A short-term overheating should thus be reduced, so that a further increase is possible from this side. In this respect, a pre-Christmas bargain should also be possible here and there on the stock market!

We wish you a successful stock market week

Stephan Feuerstein
Leverage Certificate Traders

Stephan Feuerstein is editor-in-chief of the leverage certificate trader and publisher of the stock exchange service TradingGruppe 2.0 ( Trading with derivatives is in the foreground in both letters, with all trades being announced the day before and being traded in real money with the leverage certificate trader in a real money model portfolio.

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