Mynaric share: next attempt at the strong resistance – chart analysis

The Mynaric share and the resistance at 67.80 euros – this has been the determining technical topic for the paper since mid-November. If the obstacle area was initially 65.80 / 67.00 euros, a false breakout on November 27th brought an expansion of the chart technical hurdle zone to 67.80 euros. In the last few weeks there have been more or less serious attempts to attack the chart technical hurdle zone, but none of them have been successful. But after a few days of rest, Mynaric’s share price jumped back to the € 67 mark yesterday and closed the day with a gain of 3.08 percent for the day. Current indications are 65.80 / 66.80 euros.

So the resistance zone is still in focus. The technical scenarios for the Mynaric share outlined last have not changed. The company’s share has further opportunities to overcome the increasingly stronger technical chart obstacle zone between EUR 65.80 / 67.00 and EUR 67.80. A stable buy signal at this level would be another important technical signal that a trend change could have taken place here. Mynaric’s share price was able to overcome the downward trend days ago. At 68.80 / 71.00 euros the outbreak would have to be confirmed very quickly, at 76.00 / 77.80 euros there would then be further hurdles on the way up.

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