Jost: Impulses from China

Jost expects a single-digit percentage increase in sales for 2020 compared to 2019. In the previous year, sales of 736.7 million euros were achieved. So far, Jost has forecast a single-digit percentage decline in sales for 2020.

The adjusted EBIT margin should exceed the mark of 8.5 percent, previously the forecast was more than 7.0 percent. The estimate of the adjusted EBITDA margin is also going up: from more than 10 percent to more than 12 percent.

At Jost, things are obviously going better than expected at the moment. This was already evident from the incoming orders in the third quarter. The truck market is picking up momentum again.

The analysts of Deutsche Bank assume that events in China in particular provided impetus for Jost. Clear rates of increase can be seen there.

The analysts confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Jost. The price target for the Jost shares remains at EUR 42.00.

The shares of Jost gain 0.7 percent in the morning to 41.45 euros. The price is almost at the level of the price target.


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