[interview] Butlon wants to process around 100,000 orders by 2021

You have been able to order food online via Butlon for a while, but the brand has recently been expanded with ‘Butlon Supermarkt’. Alessio Pinna is the owner of Butlon and he is very happy with the response he has received so far. ‘We actually didn’t want to start the online supermarket until the end of this year, but the corona crisis pushed the plan forward.’ Pinna is also founder of MarketingTribune Pinna asks five short questions about his remarkably ambitious delivery service from Enschede.

1. Can you tell us something about Butlon? Who owns the initiative and since when?
‘Butlon started as a meal delivery platform and has connected many restaurants in collaboration with a large catering wholesaler. In the corona period Butlon Boodschappen was created with the idea that the products we supply to the catering industry also deliver to the consumer with super competitive prices. This turned out to be a great success. ‘

2. Do you deliver nationwide? Which range?
‘We deliver nationwide and have approximately 1,200 products in our range.
This is a combination of somewhat larger packaging and standard groceries, but always at the best price. ‘

3. What is the ambition? Beat Picnic?
‘In 2021 we will first process 100,000 orders and then we will set a new goal.’

4. How do you do marketing? To customer acquisition?
‘We have a large marketing mix of channels that we use. You should think of the major channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google et cetera, but also targeted guerrilla campaigns. ‘

5. What makes Butlon unique?
‘The combination of our range and super competitive prices.’

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