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Exclusive criminals offer data from Scalable customers

From bears and bulls: Robo-Advisor Scalable is based in Munichargumx / xFalkxHeller

After the data attack on the largest German robo-advisor Scalable, there are increasing indications that the thieves are using the stolen customer profiles for criminal business. According to information, customer data is circulating online (issue 1/2021, EVT December 17). was able to view and check a data record itself, and one customer even stated that he had been blackmailed.

In mid-October, Scalable made public that 30,000 customers were affected by a data theft and filed a complaint. Accordingly, copies of ID cards, photos of faces, contact details, account numbers and tax identification numbers were stolen. Such data can be used on the Internet to steal additional data and passwords or to order goods. Scalable warned of precisely such risks after the incident – and emphasized that depot data were not affected. Scalable told that it was working “in close coordination with the authorities and external consultants to investigate the incident”.

The new will be released on December 17th

However, there are different versions of the course and scope of the attack. According to information, a self-declared hacker claims to have gotten to the data via a technical security gap that could be used from outside. The company contradicts this, in fact, a former employee with internal knowledge gained access. While the alleged hacker speaks of 58,000 affected customers, around a third of them from Great Britain, Scalable names around 30,000 victims and explains that it counts British customers in the “low four-digit range”.

It is undisputed that several customers were “contacted using the data”, Scalable also admits. The extortion victim, for example, was asked to pay 10,000 euros – including a photo of his identity card. The customer refused and eventually reported the case to the police.

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