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Corona crisis These countries are getting through the pandemic best

While stricter measures are taking effect again in some countries, life in other countries is almost as it was before the pandemic. Which countries are best able to survive the corona pandemic? There are various criteria for this – from the number of infections and deaths to the collapse in gross domestic product to the severity of the measures that have been taken. In its “Covid Resilience Ranking”, the Bloomberg news agency has summarized and weighted various factors and established a list of the countries that are coping best and worst with the pandemic.

The 53 largest economies were rated on ten factors, including the monthly infection and death rate, access to vaccines, the severity of lockdowns, the IMF’s GDP forecast and the Human Development Index. Germany is in 14th place in the ranking, behind Canada and ahead of Thailand. This makes Germany the fourth best European country.

A noticeable number of Northern European and Asian countries are among the top 10 of the ranking. The top ten countries rated by Bloomberg include eight democracies and two states with authoritarian governments. The reasons for the positive rating are varied. What they all have in common is that the countries took decisive action against the pandemic early on.


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