[column] Food trends 2021: The rediscovery of our senses

These are the 5 most important food trends among teenagers and young adults that I predict:

Skills: It’s all about perfecting a (preparation) technique. Think of the ultimate homemade macchiato, the perfectly hand-kneaded sourdough bread or the unsurpassed prepared asparagus. Skills are about down to earth products and preparation methods and the almost insatiable need to know everything about techniques and products. Communication is a top priority for the coming year.

Mechanical: Young people perfect their skills with mechanical tools, so that we can adapt every part of the process to our wishes and requirements. A nice trend marker is the mini barista espresso machine from the American brand Breville, adapted for a mini (apartment) kitchen with the physical characteristics of a professional appliance, such as a heavy piston and sizzling steam pipe. And all for the price of a good capsule device.

Care value: There will be a constant search for the relationship between sustainability and their own physical and financial health. Does the payback time of an espresso machine match the pleasure they get from it and the costs they save on capsules or coffee to go? How much better do we take care of the environment and our own wallet when we cook from scratch? Convenience products (microwave meals or meal components) no longer have any added value against this background and are increasingly less popular with young people.

Delivery: A delivery meal is the only real convenience solution when they don’t feel like cooking. That money is there, because they have saved a lot by cooking themselves. The demand for healthy, affordable and, above all, surprising meals is growing rapidly. They cook normal dishes themselves.

Supply-driven: More and more young people are adapting their weekly menu to the online weekly offer of their favorite local producers. This trend is the impetus for totally new forms of food retail sustainable products, personal service and an offer without (choice) stress. In the not too long term, these new retail forms will become the main competitor of the increasingly efficient and impersonal supermarket.

Anneke Ammerlaan
food trend watcher

This is the XL explanation of Anneke’s contribution to Jongereniconen 2021, brimming with new insights, which has hit print subscribers of MarketingTribune today. Image above: Daria Shevtsova / Pexels.


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