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NGO Bitcoin Chile constitution

Educating the public more about the many benefits to be gained from the crypto space is the mission of the NGO Bitcoin Chile. The Chilean organization has decided to organize a series of conferences for educational purposes on cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Two main projects are also carried by the NGO in its process, namely the establishment of a list of scams in the cryptosphere and the inclusion of the sector in the new constitution of the country.

Already more 29 websites identified and blacklisted

While educational conferences are expected to attract much more the public to the sector, the NGO especially intends to prevent this from precipitating them towards projects doubtful. The year 2020 having been marked by several scams that raged in the sector, the NGO Bitcoin Chile decided to list all suspicious sites offering crypto services. These are mainly projects whose sole purpose is to steal funds from investors looking for high returns.

Most of them are based on bogus multi-level marketing plans where old members are paid with funds brought in by new ones. It is therefore a mixture of the Ponzi scheme and fictitious investment funds. Founder and President of the NGO Bitcoin Chile, Miguel klagges has published a total of 29 websites blacklisted on the NGO website. He also said that this list will be updated based on feedback from regulators and scams revealed by the press.

The constitution to better protect the Chilean crypto industry

The most ambitious project of the NGO Bitcoin Chile relates to the drafting of the new constitution of the country where it wishes to add a proposal in favor of the crypto space. Supported by Patricio bravo, a Chilean lawyer specializing in constitutional law, the NGO is working on the design of a brand new bill. This aims to promote and protect crypto business and the blockchain industry in the country.

By offering it constitutional guarantees with the participation of all stakeholders, the NGO Bitcoin thus hopes boost the development of the cryptosphere across the country. Director of, Jaime Bunzlia welcomed this approach, highlighting the fact that the perception of bitcoin had changed considerably. ” Fear over the nature of bitcoin, on the origin of the blockchain, among other things, more and more dissipated. One point in Bitcoin’s favor at the moment is that it can open the doors to other tools and other areas of blockchain technology, ”he said.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Overall, the initiatives of the NGO Bitcoin Chile in favor of the local crypto space should allow the Chilean public to be a little more aware of the subjects relating to cryptocurrencies. Once his perception of the field has improved, he should then be able to invest in it a little more calmly, like what is done in other countries.


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