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Businesses and social networks, a winning duo

Facebook, Insta ‘and other TikTok have not only revolutionized communication between individuals, they have also become a significant part for those who want to do business. Thierry Henschen is the first to be convinced of this.

Facebook, Insta ‘and other TikTok have not only revolutionized communication between individuals, they have also become a significant part for those who want to do business. Thierry Henschen is the first to be convinced of this.

(pj with Marlene BREY) Thierry Henschen founded the social media agency Parcours, teaches at the Chamber of Commerce and creates campaigns for companies and politicians. He’s still concerned about one thing: Businesses underestimate social media.

Why should businesses care more about their social media presence right now?

Thierry henschen : “Social media is the most important thing: 80% of customers are there. People are scrolling through 100 meters of information a day with one push. It’s as high as the Statue of Liberty! And then with the outbreak, we are spending even more time online. During the lockdown, the time spent on Facebook jumped 27%. Instagram and the like are taking PR to the next level, with huge reach, and it’s free. It almost suffices to invest the time.

ARCHIV - 13.08.2020, Indonesien, Makassar: Abzeichen für die Präsidentschaftswahl mit den Aufschriften “Vote” und “2020” sind auf einem Smartphone-Bildschirm vor einer US-Amerikanischen Flagge zu sehen. (zu dpa Themenpaket zur US-Wahl) Foto: Herwin Bahar / ZUMA Wire / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

As tension mounts in the United States, social media giants flagged a message from Donald Trump on Tuesday evening as potentially misleading. The American president claimed to have won before the end of the count, a scenario repeatedly considered by the networks and nevertheless worrying.

What does a professional social media strategy look like?

“Usually we say, ‘Invest 20 minutes a day in your social media’. It might seem like a lot at first, but if you keep going for a month, it’s like brushing your teeth. It’s best to take one day per month to plan your posts. It’s more effective than trying to find something to do every day. The general rule is four shifts per week. If you can do that, it becomes effective.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok: How do I find the right channel for my business?

“Before you begin, you must ask yourself: who is my client? Depending on the answer, I can choose the right platform and post the best content. If I think my product is of interest to people over 40, then I focus on Facebook. If I want to reach 23-38 years old, I go to Instagram. If my target audience is even younger, I should look into TikTok. And yes, even TikTok.

When it was launched, Instagram was also used by 14-year-old girls, just like TikTok today. As a result, Instagram quickly established itself as the most important platform for businesses around the world. This is why one should not underestimate TikTok. BMW already uses the platform a lot because today’s users, aged 14, will be future car buyers …

How much does the choice of channel depend on the business model?

“If I’m doing something that’s business-oriented, like consulting, then I go to LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is rich in text and information. This is where you can show your expertise. If you are. a restaurant, fashion store, or supermarket, and therefore you are looking for aesthetics and product, Instagram is the right medium. Because Instagram is all about photos. Facebook is always the ultimate. actually where everyone is, so I would always use two social media and one would definitely be Facebook.

What big misconception is still circulating about social media?

Their free. I worked for Vice Magazine in Berlin in 2010. We did social media ads for very large advertisers, like Puma or Smirnoff. That was ten years ago, it was free but organic reach no longer works today. If you don’t pay for your post, you’re only hitting 5% of your target. Yes, now you have to pay Facebook for the platform to distribute content more widely.

Catalogs are placed for people to take at the entrance to one of the stores of the Swedish furniture giant Ikea on December 7, 2020 in Jarfalla, near Stockholm. - Swedish furniture giant Ikea said Monday, December 7, 2020 it would stop printing its famed physical catalog, printed yearly in tens of millions of copies, after 70 years, as customers move to digital alternatives. (Photo by Jonathan NACKSTRAND / AFP)

After 70 years of existence, the Swedish giant announced earlier this week to give up its famous catalog and is embarking on a major digital shift.

In marketing, you quote the price for reaching 1,000 people. On television, the international price is between 200 and 1,500 euros. In radio, it can reach 5,000 euros. On Facebook, you pay € 9, on Instagram € 5 … For Instagram and Facebook, I say to my clients: try it, put in a few euros and you will judge how many additional users you will reach.

Advertising on television or on the radio, no one knows if the grandmother or the child will pick up or skip it. With Facebook and Instagram, I can define target groups (gender, age, interests) so there is no waste.

One last insider tip to follow?

“Facebook’s algorithm is more secret than access to the main NSA building. Even the best agencies in the world don’t know how it works. You can only find out by doing tests. So when you make your comm plan for the month, start by analyzing the previous month and see what went well. You shouldn’t be afraid of posting too much. ”


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