Bayer share: an interesting brand on the chart! – Chart analysis

Bayer stock has lost some of its value in the past few days. Yet another slide towards the bear market low at 39.91 euros, which the DAX value had reached at the end of October, has so far been spared the share certificate. Instead, the share price of the Leverkusen-based company has risen in the range of 46.26 / 46.48 euros several times in the last few days and ricochets upwards. Since the first test on 19./20. November 2020 to establish a new technical support zone for Bayer shares.

On Friday, the focus was again on this level with a daily low of EUR 46.32 and a XETRA closing price of EUR 46.445, not far above it. In trading on Monday yesterday, Bayer’s share price was able to move up slightly from the area, so that there was no danger of a new technical sell signal. After prices between EUR 46.59 and EUR 47.285, Bayer shares closed the day at a near daily high of EUR 47.16 (+1.54 percent). Current indications at EUR 47.125 / EUR 47.235 confirm the price level reached.


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