Wacker Chemie: Two positive developments

Christian Hartel becomes the new CEO at Wacker Chemie. Hartel has been a member of the Executive Board since November 2015. He succeeds Rudolf Staudigl, who is retiring, as CEO. Angela Wörl becomes a new board member as Labor Director. These personal details are positive news for the Baader analysts.

They also appreciate the fact that Wacker Chemie wants to sell its shares in Siltronic. It currently holds 30.8 percent of Siltronic. This block of shares will be sold to GlobalWafers. The price is EUR 125.00 per share.

For analysts, Wacker Chemie is still one of the favorites in the chemical sector. The stock is on their top pick list.

The experts confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Wacker Chemie. The price target remains at EUR 130.00.

They expect adjusted earnings per share of EUR 2.69 in 2020. In 2021, the plus should be 7.09 euros and increase to 7.75 euros in 2022.

The shares of Wacker Chemie lose 3.4 percent in the evening to 109.30 euros.


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