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Blockchain to help Afghanistan return to development: United Nations plans to use blockchain to solve problems with informal settlements. The land registration tool used is based on a European hybrid blockchain.

No need for Rambo, but a blockchain

In a press release published on December 2, 2020, the United Nations announced the launch of a blockchain solution for managing property rights in metropolitan areas of theAfghanistan.

The United Nations Human Settlements Program (UNHabitat) will present this digital cadastre solution to the Afghan Ministry of Development during the month of December 2020.

TheUN first launched an urban sustainable development project in 2019.

With this new tool, the organization wishes to support theAfghanistan to address existing challenges related to informal urban settlements (or slums) such as illegal occupation of land, inefficient use of land and insecurity of tenure.

TheUN estimated at 80%, the rate of properties in the country, not registered with the land authorities.

Afghan lands on blockchain

The tool called goLandRegistry is intended to save property documents on the blockchain and issue certificates of occupancy; the blockchain allows them to prove the authenticity of their ownership documents.

goLandRegistry is based on the hybrid blockchain platform managed by the European startup LTO Network.

Its CEO, Rick schmitz, said hybrid solutions optimize data exchange between stakeholders during the asset registration process, eliminating the need for costly IT reviews.

He also added that thanks to live contracts, data can be distributed automatically to all actors to facilitate land registry transfers, credit granting, tax returns, etc.

An official from the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technologies, Maurizio Gazzola, indicated that theUN wants to provide this digital solution to more countries.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

The blockchain to serve disarmament: it has the technical potential but no real effectiveness without interstate cooperation. A blockchain that is now tackling land issues in “sensitive” areas like Afghanistan: a genius idea or a rush that does not take into account other essential factors such as the quality and rate of adoption of the connection Internet, or the level of education of the population in general and in the field of ICT in particular? The weapons to destroy, the blockchain to rebuild: a beautiful slogan!

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