Trustpilot against censorship – reported reviews now online

Keeping these reviews visible during the investigation will prevent consumers from feeling censored. A recent survey found that 42% of consumers are concerned about their freedom of expression when they leave reviews online.

Previously, reported reviews were taken offline by Trustpilot during the investigation, but from now on all feedback – with the exception of reviews that may contain harmful and / or illegal content – will remain online.

Review censorship undesirable
‘The importance of reviews for consumers is beyond dispute. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that reviews are always a reliable source of information. Review censorship is something we will never accept. Allowing people to freely share their experiences, and not just when it suits businesses, is exactly why Trustpilot exists. We will always fight against fake news, fabricated reviews and censorship so that consumers can continue to make informed choices and help honest businesses grow, ” said Peter Mühlmann, founder and CEO of Trustpilot.

Rewarding positive feedback
This change is in line with Trustpilot’s “Trust Promise” introduced by Peter Mühlmann earlier this year. The commitment to make fundamental changes to the Trustpilot platform before the end of the year was delivered ahead of schedule.
This included no longer allowing rewards for writing reviews, strengthening the consumer warning system, and providing greater transparency on company profiles.
“This is not a completed mission. Gaining consumer trust and the fight against review abuse never ends. More changes will be made to our platform in the near future, ‘says Mühlmann.

Hide criticism
Introduced early last year Trustpilot the Transparent Flagging feature, with which the company provides greater transparency by giving consumers insight into how often companies review reviews “flagging“(Report) and what happens to it after investigation. The function has since been further expanded to include information about how companies deal with critical reviews.
Every month, over 15,000 consumers visit a “transparency page” that provides detailed information about how companies use Trustpilot, Mühlmann added.
The new policy regarding keeping reviews visible has been in force in the United Kingdom and the United States since December 2, 2020, after which the other countries, including the Netherlands, have followed since December 9, 2020.
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Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot final boss

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About Trustpilot
Trustpilot’s mission is to be a universal symbol of trust. Trustpilot’s strength comes from the fact that it is an open and independent platform that is free to use for all consumers and businesses. With over 100 million reviews on more than 400,000 companies and websites, Trustpilot provides consumers with a platform to discover trusted companies and share their feedback with businesses and other consumers at any time.
For businesses, Trustpilot is a powerful way to connect with their customers, improve their offerings and build trust. Trustpilot’s reviews and widgets have more than 6 billion online impressions per month. With offices in Copenhagen, London, Edinburgh, New York, Denver, Melbourne, Berlin and Vilnius, Trustpilot’s 700 employees represent over 45 different nationalities.

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