New book: This is content marketing

It will not be due to the name: earlier this month ‘This is content marketing’ was released, written by the Flemish Koen Denolf, Bart Lombaerts, Wouter Temmerman and Michel Libens. The book covers ‘all aspects of the content marketing profession’.

The authors do not have a crystal ball, but when writing during the lockdown they immediately realized that the book was coming to the market in a new era, they say. ‘Because while our economy is heading for a 10% contraction, we noticed how many companies maintained or even increased their investments in content marketing.’

This evolution is also reflected in the research carried out by ACC, the association of Belgian communication agencies. There are a few striking results for the content marketing discipline. For example, the ‘You and corona’ survey showed that most specialized agencies had the same or just more work, unlike other communication agencies. When asked about the future, almost all content marketing agencies assume progress or at least a status quo. Foreign research shows a similar evolution in the importance of content marketing as a discipline.

The result is a book that covers different phases of ‘the content marketing journey’, illustrated with more than 200 Belgian and Dutch cases. International content marketing experts Ann Handley and Robert Rose collaborated on the book, which is published for Lannoo Campus. For more information, go to

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