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Fintech finance start-ups are discovering women as a target group

Founder Maria Mann (left) now employs 30 people with her start-up.PR

On social media, the millions of young stock gamblers have been nicknamed “Robinhood Bros”. And there is a reason for that, because men in particular put their money in stocks and invest it in the capital market. In Germany, around two thirds of share owners are male, and the proportion is even higher for many financial providers.

The fintech scene has recognized this. Several teams are working on new start-ups that are specifically aimed at women. One of them is Fina. So far, the start-up has been kept secret, one of the few known details is that Visionaries Club helped launch the company, as Deutsche Startups first reported. Behind the venture capitalist is Sebastian Pollok, founder of the online sex shop Amorelie, among others.

According to information from Gründerszene and Finance Forward, a team led by Léonie Rivière and Tim Oliver Pietsch will set up the new company, the company “Delightful Finance GmbH” is already registered. Both have start-up experience, Riviere has already founded his own company in London, Pietsch was finance manager at Insurtech Wefox. According to the start-up scene information, not only the Visionaries Club but also Fabian Wesemann will finance the start. The Wefox co-founder says: “Female fintech is the trend for 2021.”

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