Commerzbank share: is the share price running out of air? – Chart analysis

There are always interesting things going on on the stock market that don’t seem to go together. The Commerzbank share is currently such a case. In the past few weeks it has made a significant leap in price. The starting point was the bottoming out after a previous setback in the area just below the EUR 4 mark that was seen at the end of October / beginning of November. And while being observer given the staff turnover increasingly worried about the internal conditions of Commerzbank make, the share price recently climbed briskly and only lost its momentum in the last few days in the 5.524 / 5.592 euro range.

But this automatically raises the question: “Is the share price running out of steam?” After all, with the rise above technical chart hurdles at EUR 5.308 / EUR 5.378, including the striking top from September 7 at EUR 5.35, there was a strong technical buy signal for Commerzbank shares. But just after this eruption, the momentum was slowly lost.


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