BioNTech Stock: Nervousness while CureVac drives wild profits

Yesterday was one of those trading days that were likely to have cost investors nerves with BioNTech shares. With prices between 116.58 dollars and 129.05 dollars, there was high volatility, which was triggered not least by various reports about BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine BNT162. Positive for the Mainz biotech company and its marketing partner Pfizer: BNT162 has received approval in Canada. Messages from Great Britain about are less nice isolated allergic reactions after using BNT162. An upset yesterday was also a Hacker attack on the EMA, in which documents from BioNTech’s application for approval were probably also tapped.

All in all, despite the nervousness on the stock market, there was nothing really substantial that attacks BioNTech’s situation – at least at the moment, not even the reports from Great Britain, which at least currently seem to remain two individual cases and mainly concern people at risk of anaphylaxis. For medical facilities that vaccinate with BNT162, however, reporting is important, as one has to be prepared for such complications. However, investors should keep an eye on developments here. At least the UK authorities have updated their warning in connection with the two cases of severe allergic reactions. “Individuals with a history of anaphylactic shock from vaccines, drugs, or food should not receive the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. The second dose should not be given to anyone who has developed anaphylaxis after receiving the first dose of this vaccine, ”the agency said.

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