9 finalists The Best Brabant Marketeer announced

From more than 125 nominated marketers, the expert jury led by Prof. Dr. Rudy Moenaert, Professor of Marketing at TIAS Business University, 27 nominees selected. Subsequently, by casting their vote, the public determined which of these 27 marketing professionals earned a place in the final.

The election consists of three different categories: Best Brabant Marketeer Talent (< 5 jaar werkervaring), de Beste Brabantse Marketeer Maatschappelijk en De Beste Brabantse Marketeer (> 5 years of work experience). The three finalists per category have now been announced.

The finalists are:

Dear Brabant Marketeer Talent:

  • Sjors van Doesburg, Renewi
  • Lisa Slegers-Leijs, Happy Talents
  • Tim Beerens, Mr Online Marketing

Dear Brabant Marketeer Social:

  • Yvonne Nielen, Renewi
  • Cilia Groothuis, The Eindhoven Library
  • Emiel Kuijpers, Brainport Development

Dear Brabant Marketeer:

  • Elske Vugts, Brewery de Koningshoeven – La Trappe
  • Guus Pennings, Philips
  • Pieter Huijsmans, VisitBrabant

On the website of De Beste Brabantse markeer you can see who these finalists are and more information about their work. During the award ceremony on January 18, 2021, 3 winners will be announced, one Best Brabant Marketeer per category.

Why this election?

One of the initiators, Joris van der Waart of Studio Lauda, ​​says about this: “Brabanders are by nature modest: just act normal, then you are crazy enough. Humility adorns the human being, but false modesty… then you are really selling yourself short. With the election of the Best Brabant Marketer, we want to put the spotlight on marketers who have achieved extraordinary performances, so that they can be a shining example for other marketers. “

Brabant talent

Why should Brabant talent be put in the limelight? The list of the Top 100 marketers from the Netherlands contains only 6 people from Brabant. According to the organization of the Best Brabant Marketeer, this should be a lot more. Professor Rudy Moenaert, chairman of the jury: “It is important that marketing talent and achievements are seen and recognized. Marketers who demonstrably make a difference in this respect deserve a podium, a place in the spotlight so that they can serve as an inspiring example for fellow marketers. “

Information about the festive ceremony:

Date: Monday, January 18, 2021 (blue monday) from 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: First Impression, Tilburg – broadcast via live stream

Tickets at 21 euros per ticket (incl. VAT) available from January 2021.

More information:


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