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Institutional Metamask Consensys DeFi

ConsenSys wants to attract institutional investors to DeFi, by offering a new MetaMask offer with functionalities adapted to the requirements of professional investors. Curv is the first partner to integrate this institutional version of MetaMask.

DeFi for institutions

November 10, 2020 ConsenSys announces the launch of a new offer MetaMask to provide institutional level functionality and controls, to crypto funds, cryptocurrency custodian service providers and professional traders.

This new offer will make it possible to better secure the use of DeFi protocols and applications.

Customers will still be able to swap tokens, lend or borrow tokens, and invest in apps Ethereum (ETH), with the operational, security and reporting functionalities to manage a professional DeFi trading desk.

Curv is the first to integrate the institutional version of MetaMask with its security infrastructure for digital assets.

For the commercial launch of the institutional version of MetaMask, ConsenSys Codefi will work with a group of partners made up of crypto custodians, trading companies.

This collaboration will help ConsenSys Codefi to design the functionalities of this new product from MetaMask and, will influence the roadmap for the development of the latter.

These early partners will be the first to be able to offer the integration of this new version of MetaMask to their customers.

Multiple advantages for institutions

The institutional version of MetaMask will offer the following advantages in particular:


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

  • an increased level of security for companies : direct integration with major childcare providers, eliminates the need for multi-signature transfers, to invest in DeFi applications.
  • better risk management and better control of operations : MetaMask will add configurable approval flows for triggering complex transactions. They will also enable a business logic to be activated around the amount of capital invested and the destinations of investments.
  • transactions with confidence : mempool monitoring and private transactions eliminate frontrunning. This new product of MetaMask supports key generation and removal BHS for’ETH2.
  • compliance with accounting and tax standards

The entry of institutional investors into DeFi with the launch of the beacon chain and the upcoming deployment of the various features of Ethereum 2.0, will lay a solid foundation for the development of DeFi. The latter’s explosion in the summer of 2020 was considered a bubble. The infrastructure was not ready for such significant growth, with Ethereum experiencing network congestion and gas explosion problems.


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