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Consensys ethereum 2.0

After the launch of the beacon chain, will it go faster? Can we really hope for the completion of the Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 deployment by 2021? According to the founder of ConsenSys, people familiar with the project believe in an effective launch of Ethereum 2.0 in a relatively short time. Vitalik Buterin had also updated the ETH2 roadmap after the launch of phase 0, to accelerate the pace.

Ethereum 1 to 2: transfer imminent

During the conference Asia Pacific 2020 held on December 3, the founder of ConsenSys, Joseph lubin, had indicated that many features ofEthereum 1 will be transferred to ETH 2.0 in the near future.

He said people familiar with the project were optimistic about the lead time, given that the more complex steps were completed when Phase 0 was launched.

In accordance with the explanations of Vitalik Buterin, Lubin reiterated that the deployment of elements ofETH 2.0 can be performed in parallel: some protocol updates, such as data size, may be performed earlier than expected.

With this increase in the amount of data, Layer 2 networks will reach a significant level of scalability.

CBDCs for cross-border payments

Joseph lubin indicated that ConsenSys participates in several CDBC related projects in partnership with various central banks, such as theHong Kong Monetary Authority, the Bank of Thailand and the Bank of Australia.

One of the main areas of use of the CBDC is cross-border payments, slow and expensive services for today’s banking infrastructure.

In terms of retail payments, ConsenSys designed systems that can process nearly 20,000 transactions per second over a network based on Ethereum.

Discussions are said to be underway with major payment providers to make this system available to them, while this technology would also be used in hybrid applications for central banks.


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Ethereum with no scalability issues to support DeFi’s weight in 2021, maybe crypto-yuan for next year as well – for the digital dollar, the US Federal Reserve waits for Congress to kill stablecoins and possibly Bitcoin (BTC) : 2021 could see a strong technological disruption in the field of finance. We cannot do worse than in 2020, with a covid-19 that has put the world economy in full or in part under cover for more than half of the year.


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