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Cardano ADA fork

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork took place in November 2020 under stress. That of Cardano (ADA) is scheduled for mid-December 2020, a hard fork which should however be managed in a softer way. While the Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 beacon chain has been online since December 1, 2020, its competitor is now poised to switch to the Goguen era, that of smart contracts.

A non-traumatic rupture

IOHK, the body behind the development of Cardano, announced that a hard fork of the protocol will take place in mid-December 2020.

In an article published on the company’s blog on December 2, 2020, the engineer Kevin hammond revealed that this hard fork would be done as part of the protocol transition to Goguen.

Hammond pointed out that unlike other blockchains, a hard fork on Cardano is handled in a different way and is not traumatic.

These forks are performed without stopping block mining, resulting in a smooth upgrade process.

New features are easily introduced to evolve the capabilities of the platform.

The hard fork aims to activate the “token lock” function which records in a register how a token is used.

ETH killer progresses, ADA flies away

Hammond indicated that this function makes it possible to reserve a certain number of tokens for a determined period; they cannot be used for earnings or benefits, such as voting or performing a smart contract.

Hammond added that Cardano would soon allow the integration of other tokens, usable alongside ADA.

Created in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is touted as one of the main rivals ofEthereum, thanks to its scalability and the advanced features of its smart contracts.

The roadmap of Cardano has so far focused on the foundations of blockchain and decentralization.

The switch to Goguen kicks off the integration of smart contracts.

The exceptional performance ofADA in 2020, demonstrate investor confidence in the progress of the development of Cardano.


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If Ethereum 2.0 fails to deliver on its promises, Cardano could do it for it. ETH2’s 20,000 TPS seems like a sweet dream for now despite the launch of phase 0; Cardano’s scalability is more “concrete”. Will the switch to Goguen also switch the hearts of ETH users to ADA?


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