Pandion: Forecast will be exceeded

Pandion publishes the first key data for the 2020 financial year. According to preliminary figures, the real estate company achieved an EBITDA of EUR 86.2 million (previous year: EUR 44.9 million). The Cologne had expected 85.8 million euros. The profit is 47.3 million euros, last year it was 18.14 million euros. Pandion’s forecast was more than 45 million euros. Thus, Pandion will achieve a new record in earnings in 2020. No statements are made yet about sales.

Pandion board member Reinhold Knodel comments on the figures: “An extraordinary year is coming to an end. Our crisis resistance, which has been proven this year, is a result of our stable and reliable network with our business partners, both in the construction sector and on the financing side. As a result, we hardly had any corona-related delays in our projects and, given our strong pipeline and the sustained high demand, we are also very confident about the coming years. “


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