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Bitcoin (BTC) has already moved mountains by successfully creating a new finance that is more inclusive and pulls itself away from the irresponsible hands of governments and central banks. The BTC network moves USD 500,000 per second, an unmatched performance.

Half a million per second

In a tweet of December 2, 2020, the chief strategy officer of Blockstream, Samson mow, indicates that Bitcoin was designed to introduce a new financial paradigm.

It is a medium that does not require authorization to store and transfer value.

For Mow, the relevant indicator to assess the performance of these transfers is the value transferred per second – value transacted per second (VPTS) – and not the number of transactions per second – transaction per second (TPS).

According to him, in terms of VPTS, no asset compares to Bitcoin : the latter makes it possible to move 500,000 USD per second.

A video accompanies the tweet and demonstrates the performance of Bitcoin based on on-chain data collected by an engineer from Blockstream which bears the nickname ” Grubbles “.

Bitcoin’s Achilles Heel: What If It Wasn’t ?

The video is said to have been inspired by the one designed by the Ripple (XRP) which compared the GST of XRP to those of BTC.


The TPS has long been touted as the Achilles heel of Bitcoin, with capacities that are significantly lower than those of its competitors such as Ethereum (ETH).

This is one of the main arguments of supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), such as Roger ver, who argue that the BCH is a more suitable asset for the general public and small-scale transactions.

Statistics show, however, that as of December 1, 2020, the total value of transactions on the network BTC is estimated at $ 4.6 billion.

This figure had reached a level close to its ATH on November 5, 2020, at $ 5.1 billion.

This is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin, at least in part. Bitcoin is a technological gem capable of revolutionizing finance as well as other sectors.

Another value offered by Bitcoin is the lack of the utility of authorization to transact online, in short, to be able to control your own money.

BTC is a hedge against the inflation of fiats but also against the will of governments to control the financial holdings of its citizens. Bitcoin is “empty” only for empty brains unable to understand the benefits it confers on its users.


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