These are the winners of the FavorFlav Food Top 100

From top chefs to food start-ups. From innovative food concepts to the most influential food writers. This year, in contrast to previous years, it is not a list with a hundred names, but a special corona edition. Sharon van Lokhorst, editor-in-chief of the editorial board of the online food magazine FavorFlav: ‘It was too exceptional a year for that. Since corona has left an absurdly big mark on this year, we looked specifically at who stood out corona-wise. Which people, products and services were the most striking and playful? Who managed to shine, despite, no precisely thanks to, corona? Who or what managed to capture the current zeitgeist so well – and put a smile on us and so many other faces? ‘

The six winners
Category Corona Cookbook:
How do you eat a bit tasty and especially affordable in times of corona? Look at the simple but effective idea behind the website crisis cooking that food journalist Mara Grimm started right after the declared lockdown. Chefs gave their favorite low budget dish that anyone can make at home for really little money. The recipes were bundled in the book Crisis Cooking, issued in-house and of each copy sold, € 2.50 is donated to the Food Bank. The book is now in a third printing and more than € 30,000 has been collected for De Foodbank. A fantastic and effective initiative. The cookbook hit of 2020!

Category Corona Cooking Class:
Cooking at home gained momentum in 2020. Following in the footsteps of the world famous chef Massimo Bottura who serves every day Instagram made the livestream Kitchen Quarantine, our Dutch (star) chefs also started cooking online. One of the best online cooking shows was the series by chef Jaimie van Heije who, in contrast to the complicated dishes he makes in his eponymous business, kept it nice and simple. For Instagram, he cooked dishes made from products that he saw on the supermarket shelf after massive hoarding. More than 6 million views per week!

Category Corona Delivery / Take away:
Restaurant Loetje has also more than earned a place in this winners list. The question of how to provide your guests with their favorite steak despite corona when your restaurant is closed was answered with the Loetje Drive In. The pilot was such a success that it was soon expanded to include multiple locations throughout the Netherlands.

Category Corona Foodbox:
Keilekker Brabantse Sausage Rolls also met the carnal need for corona with the fun Brabant sausage rolls do-it-yourself package. This way, the whole of the Netherlands could still enjoy the ultimate sausage rolls without having to travel to the south. A resounding success: more than 20,000 parcels have now been sent! Nice: there is also a vegan version.

Category Corona Product:
The resilience and resourcefulness of the hospitality industry was also apparent during the second hospitality industry closure. Chef Guillaume de Beer of The Breda Group had to close the tents (Maris Piper, Guts and Breda) again and developed in restaurant Maris Piper Paindemy: a delicious take-away sandwich named after the famous French pan bread, Pain de Mie. Definitely the corona product of the year.

Category: Overall winner FavorFlav Food Top 100 – Corona Edition:
This 2020 corona champion has been doing high-profile collaborations that no one could ignore recently: Joris Bijdendijk (van Rijks * and Wils). He was one of the first chefs to come up with a restaurant menu for home, and also for a great price (€ 32.50). A huge success, and it didn’t stop there. Eating in the church, private dining (and sleeping) in a loft, drive-through Michelin star box for home with simultaneous live cooking instructions from the chef, eating in a Ferris wheel, launch Rijksdaalder (fine dining for home) with chef Dennis Huwaë van Daalder, launch of Snert (finally really tasty canned pea soup!) with the very first Snertbar in the Netherlands … Joris did it – and boosted it through enthusiastic photos on social media.

(PvWK, jury report in collaboration with MP; photo above: FF editor-in-chief Sharon van Lokhorst (l), chef and winner Joris Bijdendijk (m) & FavorFlav founding editor Marcus Polman (r))

About FavorFlav
‘The composition of the Top 100 is in the hands of editor-in-chief Sharon van Lokhorst and FavorFlav’s founding editor and food journalist Marcus Polman. With an average number of 1.5 million unique visitors per month, has grown into the largest online food platform in the Netherlands in five years. The publisher is PilotStudio, known from,, and producer of successful TV programs (Jinek, Beau, Hoe Heurt het Eigenlijk and Beste Kijkers). ‘

(source: PilotStudio)


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