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FinanceFWD podcastPersonio founder Renner: “A good rating is not a success”

Personio CEO Hanno RennerPR

Hanno Renner prefers to stay away from the Berlin start-up scene. Too often, conversations there are about key figures such as company evaluations and employees. The Personio founder from Munich warns: “A good rating is not a success.” In contrast, sales and the number of customers are decisive. Personio can already show something impressive: 3,000 companies use the personnel software, his start-up generates a high double-digit million amount.

Over the years Personio has expanded its fintech features. The employee’s salary can be organized with the program, it is linked to the Datev control software and budget planning for one’s own workforce can now also be managed. A link to the bank account is being planned, the founder announced in the podcast.

With his team of now 600 employees, Renner wants to build a European billion-dollar company. For this he got money from two of the most important European venture capitalists: Accel and Index. The company already has more than 100 million euros.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, he talks about what Renner is planning with his start-up, why his company has missed its own goals in the past and how he grew into the CEO role.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Renner talks about …

… building trust with a new product
… the fintech products from Personio
… the pressure to succeed from outside
… the contact to prominent investors
… an experienced management
… the obstacles to growth in the early days

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