Akasol: A lot of trust in the market

Akasol has received a major order from Turkey. Battery systems are to be supplied for a new e-bus. Deliveries are to take place between 2021 and 2025. The order has a volume in the mid double-digit million range. Akasol’s order backlog continues to grow. It is more than 2 billion euros.

With this order, Akasol enters the Turkish market. Previously, only a few prototypes had been delivered to another Turkish customer. The Turkish market is seen as the gateway to Asia and some Eastern European countries. There should be strong growth potential there in the coming years.

The order also shows that customers are already ordering the third generation of Akasol battery systems, even though they are not yet being produced. This clearly shows the trust Akasol has in the market.

The analysts of Pareto Securities confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of Akasol. The experts still see the target price at EUR 77.00.

Akasol shares gain 1.6 percent to EUR 96.22.


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