AH and Selecta Nederland start unmanned Albert Heijn to go

This creates a new concept with which both parties respond to the need for varied and healthy food in the workplace.

With the strong network of Selecta, the innovative range of Albert Heijn to go and the possibility to deliver customization for each location with this concept, the partners see plenty of opportunities for growth. In 2021, Selecta and Albert Heijn will open an unmanned Albert Heijn to go at at least 100 office locations in the Netherlands, to expand jointly in the years that follow. In addition to offices, this unmanned Albert Heijn to go is ideal for hospitals and educational institutions, for example.

Changing needs in the market
Research by Selecta shows that the office environment is changing significantly. The office will be the place to meet and work together. A so-called “Grab & Go micromarket” where customers can find fresh and varied products at any time of the day, is in line with this. Selecta can clearly see this in the success since the launch of their Foodie’s concept last year. Tests with the unmanned Albert Heijn to go concept yielded good results: it seamlessly meets the needs of customers for tasty, fresh and varied food and drinks at any time of the day.

Jan Marck Vrijlandt, MD Benelux at Selecta: ‘In addition to the changing position, we see that employees are present at the office less often and at different times. This trend places different demands on the supply of food and beverage in the workplace. This means that employees must have 24/7 access to varied and healthy food and drinks. Our existing Foodie’s micromarket concept helps in the transformation from office to meeting place. Thanks to the collaboration with Albert Heijn, we will be able to support even more organizations in the Netherlands in 2021 with an extensive range of healthy and fresh food and drinks. ‘

Marit van Egmond, CEO Albert Heijn: ‘We want to be there for our customers always and everywhere. Around the corner, on the road and online. With tasty and varied food, always good value for money and a lot of convenience. In the Netherlands and Flanders there are still plenty of opportunities to further expand our network. Together with Selecta we respond to current developments in the working environment. With this innovative Albert Heijn to go concept, we are taking the next step in the world of out-of-home consumption. ‘

Tailor-made solution for every moment of the day
By combining Selecta’s expertise in the field of food and beverage in the workplace with Albert Heijn’s knowledge of tasty and varied food and convenience, a strong new concept is created. This is tailor-made, taking into account the possibilities and wishes of organizations that are increasingly looking for flexibility in offering food and drink to their employees. With the new, unmanned Albert Heijn to go modules, they can offer their employees the extensive Albert Heijn to go range all day long, with self-service and digital convenience such as self-scan at checkout.

About Selecta
‘Selecta is the European market leader in self-service concepts for food and beverage in the workplace and in public spaces. Selecta has been active in 16 countries in Europe since 1957 and has its European headquarters in Switzerland. Selecta Nederland’s head office is located in Dordrecht. Foodie’s is an innovative concept from Selecta, which now has more than 200 branches in Europe. This modular, unmanned micromarket offers consumers access to food and drinks at any time of the day. In the coming period, Selecta will invest at European level in the further development of Foodie’s. More information about Selecta Netherlands: ‘

(source: selecta)

About Albert Heijn
‘Albert Heijn has been part of everyday life for over 130 years. From grocery to self-service to the store today that is always there for you, everywhere. Around the corner, on the road and online, Albert Heijn makes better food available to everyone every day. Albert Heijn has 100,000 employees and more than 1,000 stores, 87 of which are to go stores at locations such as train stations, universities, hospitals and petrol stations. Customers can go there for tasty, fresh and varied food on the go. In the spring it was announced that Albert Heijn will open more than 100 new locations with partners BP and NS in the coming years. ‘

(source: Ahold Delhaize)


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