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Realizing that blockchain and cryptos are the future of money and the economy, you took an interest in it. You had to learn the manipulations to place a buy order and finally got the precious sesame. You then started talking to those around you, but they weren’t interested because “too difficult to access.” Today, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has gone up and things have changed. You no longer count the SMS received asking you the procedure to follow to buy them. You know that you will not be able to escape this question at the Christmas family dinner and you are looking with anguish, how to get out of it… Fortunately, Adil Zakhar, CEO of Keplerk has the solution for you:

With Keplerk, buying Bitcoin is easy as pie

No more centralized or decentralized exchanges. No more long pages of explanations on how to buy Bitcoin, the mother of cryptos. Is this platform reliable? How will I store my cryptocurrencies? All these questions are irrelevant now that Keplerk is here!

With Keplerk, buying and storing has never been easier for ordinary people. You just have to go to one of the 30,000 Keplerk points of sale. Once you arrive there, the merchant will ask you an ID and how many euros you want to convert into Bitcoin. Once the operation is completed, you are the worthy owner of a ticket with a QR Code. Then you just have to download the Keplerk application to scan it and automatically retrieve and store your cryptos. When we told you it was as easy as pie.

In the event that the points of sale are too far from your home, or given the current context, know that you can easily make a purchase via the Keplerk site by bank transfer.

Keplerk sets out to conquer the rest of the world and cryptos

Building on its success in France and with Bitcoin, Keplerk does not intend to stop there. After its implementation in Belgium and at Luxembourg, Keplerk’s solution will soon be implemented at UK, in Italy and in Spain. Lovers ofEther will also be delighted to learn that this one will be soon taken care of.

Running out of gift ideas for Christmas? Keplerk has the solution for you

Because it’s not always easy to know what to get those close to you, Keplerk has thought of everything. Goodies for crypto aficionados, prepaid cards for newbies, on December 25 everyone will find something for them.

As you have seen, Kepler makes it easier to buy cryptocurrency by using the social and reassuring component of our convenience stores. There is no doubt that in our society where confidence tends to be lost, such a solution is welcome. With more than a year of existence already, Keplerk is aware of its strengths, weaknesses and mission, but I’ll let Adil Zakhar, its CEO, tell you more about it:


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