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Not content with crippling the French economy with medieval lockdown, Bruno le Maire is also wasting his time as Minister of Finance trying to curb Bitcoin (BTC). The government is preparing to tighten the regulation of exchanges to counter the…. “Terrorist financing” …


Bruno the Mayor and the terrorists

France is the third largest arms exporter to Saudi Arabia. A kingdom well-known for beheading journalists (Khashoggi) and spreading a radical Islamic current around the world to recruit armies of terrorists. “Wahhabism” …

Whatever … The Macronist government continues to send this great patron of international terrorism ammunition for its ceasar guns. The same ones that are used in the Yemen war having killed 250,000 to date.

But there is no doubt that the Bitcoin would be the cornerstone of terrorist financing and money laundering … Come on, come on, everyone knows that there is Deutsche Bank for dirty money and that the hubs of terrorist financing are Kuwaiti banks!

Our minister preferred to declare at the end of October, after the attack on the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice: ” cryptocurrencies pose a real problem of terrorist financing, I have been saying this for years, we need to strengthen our systems, it will be in the law ”.

Obviously, it is well known that the jihadists in Syria are paid in Bitcoin … This spread would be almost funny if François Hollande had not provided weapons to the jihadists and if the former director of the secret services (Bernard Squarcini) had not revealed that Manuel Valls refused a list of French jihadists operating in Syria.

Bitcoin plays no role in terrorist attacks and this amalgamation on the part of a minister speaks volumes. Let’s move on … So, under the fallacious pretext of fighting terrorism, the government is preparing to further complicate life for French exchanges. The latter (Paymium, Kleperk, zebitex) will have to get their customers a little more drunk by asking them for more personal information.

To date, you must already show a white leg via your identity card and proof of address … Do you live in a shared flat and do not have invoices in your name? No Bitcoin for you… Anything is good to discourage…

Mass Surveillance

Bruno the Mayor therefore presented yesterday in the Council of Ministers its rogue ordinance. As a reminder, an ordinance means that the government asks parliament for authorization to itself take measures that normally fall within the scope of law. Why display all this in front of democratic representation when we can act in the shadows? …

If parliament accepts, exchanges will have to soon ask for a second proof of identity… What is the point of a second proof? This Kafkaesque decision takes on its full meaning in light of a paragraph in the ordinance indicating that it will be a “digital identification”:

“New regulatory provisions will be presented in order to speed up the marketing of solutions digital identification for transactions in digital assets. This demand, which emanates from ecosystem players (haha), will help fight the anonymity of digital asset transactions while facilitating user identification. “

Ordinance of December 9, 2020

So we come back to the flagship of the Great Reset: the digital identity (Digital ID) dear to Bill Gates …

The pieces of the puzzle fit together. After the hate bill (avia law), the creation of the TES file (alias “honest people” file) or even the recent “global security” law, it is now decrees and orders that are raining down to establish a Orwellian mass surveillance system.

La Quadrature du Net wrote yesterday:

“After the comprehensive security law and the separatism law, the government is continuing its general offensive aimed at muzzling any political opposition. Last Wednesday, the three “public security” files (PASP, GIPASP and EASP) were largely extended by decrees. They will allow the massive registration of political activists, their entourage (especially their minor children), their health or their activities on social networks. “

Quadrature du Net Source:

We warmly invite you to read the entire article.

Don Bruno Quixote

We are witnessing a new concerted attack between the major financiers of the Western world to putting a spoke in the wheels of Bitcoin. The fact that the cryptocurrency was about to break the bar of $ 20,000 is not insignificant in this timing … The authorities have become less acerbic towards cryptocurrencies since they had the idea of ​​creating CBDCs by playing on a crude amalgamation with Bitcoin. But be sure that the caste in power abhors him more than ever …

The reason for this distrust is that theBitcoin is a formidable safe haven that the masses could rush into as soon as it becomes clear that inflation is out of control. Bruno and his banker friends don’t sleep anymore…

Did our Minister not recently say that the “repayment of the Covid debt will be done over 20 years”? This sentence is enough to show that we are dealing with a charlatan waving the red rag of debt to better justify privatization and social destruction. By the way, EDF’s cut-to-size sales are in the pipeline …

A bit of historical culture teaches us that states never actually pay back their debt. They’re missing, one way or another, inevitably! Either by failing to repay their creditors, or with inflation for the smartest. This has been the inevitable fate of any usurious system since the advent of fiat paper money.

sovereign defaults
Sovereign defaults in Europe are nothing new, far from it. Since 1800, all European countries have defaulted on their debt. Source: Le Figaro

“Paper money, based on trusting the government that prints it alone, always ends up returning to its intrinsic value, which is zero. ”


Bruno knows it well. He is well aware that he needs to wipe out all competing currencies to protect his inflationary ponzi scheme.

But fear not. Bitcoin is precisely built so that the powerful cannot deprive us of this monetary loophole. Bitcoin is d.é.c.e.n.t.r.a.l.i.s.é. It is an impregnable digital fortress that no one can prevent transactions from. He will bury us all!

States can regulate exchanges well, so there will always be the option of having their own private wallet … This is a huge obstacle to their dark plan to do away with cash and make us pay the debt through inflation …

Coinbase is sounding the alarm

American politicians are ahead, however. They even made Brian Armstrong, the founder of the world’s largest exchange (Coinbase), worry in a storm of tweets.

“We heard rumors last week that the US Treasury and its Secretary Mnuchin intend to rush private wallets into law before the end of the Trump administration. “

For those who don’t know, private wallets are programs that you can install on your own computer to store your Bitcoins there. They are virtual safes allowing you not to leave your Bitcoins on an exchange that can be hacked … This is why it is often said that Bitcoin is like being its own bank. Only you have access to it. Wallets allow anyone to use Bitcoin, much like a smartphone allows anyone to use the internet.

Electrum wallet
The Made in France Electrum Wallet for the phone

In short, Brian Armstrong defended private wallets by declaring:

“Such regulation could force exchanges to verify the identity of the person owning the private wallet before a transfer is made from the exchange to this wallet”

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase

The tweets continue with a litany of reasons why it would be impossible to put such regulation into practice. Asked about the question, the US “controller of the currency” kicked in, assuring however that Bitcoin will not be banned. As if we could ban Bitcoin … Check out our BTC / USD analysis (published every Wednesday) for more information on this.


Finally, let us remember that governments are on the verge of war. The form of this “second credential” will have to be closely monitored. We are afraid to understand that Bruno le Maire is plotting the deployment of the digital identity that the “Covid passport” could also carry within it … # ID2020 #GreatReset #BillGates


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