Unidevice: Bond creates more trust

In mid-July, the Unidevice bond had an issued volume of 3.23 million euros. Hardly anything has been added since then. As Unidevice boss Christian Pahl explained at the virtual Munich Market Conference (MKK) when asked by our editorial team, the volume is now 3.4 million euros. You no longer advertise the bond, as you can now make better use of other financing options. There are currently no further loan plans.

According to Pahl, Unidevice’s bank credit line was recently increased from 5 million euros to 8 million euros. That increases flexibility. The bank loans bear interest of 2.9 percent, the bond has an interest of 6.5 percent. Pahl believes it is possible that the credit line was also increased because it was seen in banking circles that the company can also get money elsewhere on the capital market, by means of bonds. Apparently the market trusts the company listed in m: access, which was a corresponding signal for the banks.

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