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axie infinity project k

After the LAND pre-sale held at the end of 2018, this aspect of the game had not been highlighted at all since. Two years later, landowners can now access a demo of this new gameplay, here’s a look at what the next evolution of Axie Infinity called Project K.

A very targeted demo

In 2018, when Axie Infinity launched its LAND presale, it was over 17,000 small pieces of land which were sold for the players who responded.

It is important to note that the LAND presale held in 2018 represents only 25% of the total Axie Infinity card and therefore it will be possible in the future to obtain more of these lands.

axie infinity terrains

Despite the tens of thousands of LANDs sold, the number of players at the time was more in the hundreds … this access to the demo is therefore very targeted!

Having said that, as it is a still very preliminary version As the gameplay on this big map will take in the future, it was best to do a series of tests before opening it to the general public.

axie infinity map

This demo will be online for 7 days and will primarily be used for collect user feedback, test the capacity of the servers to support the load, find the bugs but also organize a small contest to encourage the players to develop a beautiful scene!

A little glimpse of what it is already possible to do

Although Twitter has been full of screenshots of the various scenes for the past few days, here are the first images from Project K:


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axie infinity scene 02 tools

As in the original gameplay, you will have to assemble a team of three Axies to be able to put them to work on different tasks.

Actions are currently limited to something very basic:

  • Harvest resources
  • Making tools
  • Building elements of the decor
  • Fight against monsters
axie infinity harvest

All the actions that will be carried out not being registered on the blockchain, it is quite possible that the accumulated materials or the decorations created will no longer be available afterwards… But this gives a good overview of how the creation of the decorations will work!

axie infinity construction

In this first step, therefore, it is a very aesthetic aspect that is highlighted and it is interesting to see the differences between LANDs particularly in terms of the resources available on the ground.

Once the resources are exhausted in your territory, it is not possible to go and find them from the neighbors. On the other hand, there is plenty of abundance in the “public” areas!

Not only is resource harvesting possible, but there are also items waiting to be picked up so that more resources can be accumulated. This means that even without having extremely generous land in resources, it will suffice to wander a little not to be blocked in the constructions!


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axie infinity scene 03

Later it will be possible to do many other things in this new universe of Axie Infinity, between beating more powerful monsters for better rewards or browsing dungeons in cooperation, the possibilities are only in their infancy but promise very nice horizons!

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