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From apple to WOZX, there is only one step, or almost. In any case, this is the bet made by Steve Wozniak, famous co-founder of Apple, the highest-rated company in history which reached $ 1.5 trillion in market capitalization this summer. His observation is simple: today, in the face of climate change, we can all help reduce our ecological footprint and save the environment by helping to improve energy efficiency. It is in the face of this observation and also probably to position itself significantly in the cryptosphere that it decided to set up the Efforce project, a Blockchain-based platform that allows contributors to benefit from the energy savings generated by the projects. energy efficiency around the world by promoting investment. Quite naturally, he launched the WOZX token which skyrocketed in its first few minutes, pushing its marketcap to nearly $ 1 billion in minutes. 45 years after Apple’s success, is Steve Wozniak the new environmental and cryptosphere tycoon? Zoom in on this new project which has not finished talking about it.

Steve Wozniak’s Story, pillar of tech

Portrait of Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Efforce

From Apple to Efforce, Steve Wozniak continues to mesmerize crowds. 45 years after the launch of Apple alongside Steve Jobs, the tech mogul, accustomed to rare but impactful media releases, puts the cover back on and takes back his entrepreneurial hat to mount a project that seems particularly close to his heart: Effort, a project that intends to monetize transferable energy savings. Clearly, this is a marketplace positioned in the form of a blockchain-based platform, where any company can finance green projects, avoiding traditional channels, and having as return on investment energy credits. To complete it all, because our entrepreneur has always been a visionary, he created a token with the acronym taken from its own surname, which will allow these exchanges to be carried out: the WOZX.

But before going into more detail about this new project, who is Steve Wozniak really?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, in 1976

It must first be remembered that at the time, in the 70s nobody believed in the concept of personal computer thought by Wozniak. Even HP had completely disproved the idea while employed with them. One can reasonably wonder who could have invested in such a project. Mike Markkula was the first to inject $ 250,000 in the days of Apple Computers. The Palo Alto firm was looking for investors to finance the release of the Apple II (Time flies). History will tell that he was the third employee of the American giant. At that time, the business was unprofitable and had only one customer. This computer engineer, who became one of the most famous men on earth thanks to the meteoric success of the apple brand, Steve Wozniak got noticed by some of his epic outings like about Tesla where he went so far as to say that Elon Musk oversteps his autopilot technology and there is way too much hype in communication.

More recently, he spoke about Bitcoin (BTC) and the potential of Blockchain and finally had ad the creation of his project during the Delta Summit in Malta, a Blockchain forum in the country he chose to set up his project (not innocently). It must be said that Malta is very accommodating in terms of regulation and taxation towards crypto projects, which earned it the nickname of Blockchain Island.

When Steve W. started Apple, his goal was to build smaller, more efficient machines that could one day be available to everyone. Through his involvement in Efforce, Wozniak continues to focus on efficiency, expanding business access to energy improvements as well as public access to energy efficiency investments. This is not his first foray into the world of Blockchain as he co-founded EQUI-Global in 2018, a venture capital firm that ultimately flopped the same year. The arrival of a tech giant at the head of a blockchain startup sends a positive sign to the market which continues to be criticized.

Here we go for the overview of this new project which released its White Paper for the occasion in the style of Satoshi or even Libra more recently.

The energy and energy efficiency market – an ocean of possibilities

Strive team photo of the
The Efforce team

Energy, and the energy transition more generally, is fertile ground for blockchain use cases. No offense to some, it is possible to combine blockchain and energy and the number of use cases and entrepreneurial initiatives is not decreasing. The energy issue thus opens up an ocean of possibilities for the development of blockchain technology to meet many challenges:

  • First in the field of transactive energy, the exchange of values ​​in peer to peer (P2P) allows a decentralization of energy transactions within the framework of the exchange and the commercialization of traditional centralized energies. In France, Sunchain (subsidiary of Enedis) and more recently Exaion (EDF) are entering this market.
  • Secondly, renewable energy with uses ranging from transparency and traceability from the monitoring of green energy to the financing of projects through clean cryptomining and the creation of green tokens allowing the reward. This is particularly the case with WPO and their Green Token.
  • Thirdly, E-mobility thanks to the P2P recharging of electric vehicles, to grid vehicles and digital wallets. In France the project mobilichain is interested in the contributions of the Blockchain for soft mobility and notably embeds the startup Emblock.
  • Finally, the smart meters allow us to consider uses ranging from smart metering to smart bill, to payment in cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. In France Engie is working on the development of an autonomous and independent oracle.

In the domain of energy efficiency, the challenges are many.

The energy services and energy efficiency market explodes and has reached the $ 250 billion this year. Private industry is a fairly large contributor to this booming market, but so do public players. The European Union and China in particular are investing heavily in the energy efficiency sector. In France for example, ADEME, which draws up a precise report each year, notes a continuous increase in projects related to ecological transition and energy efficiency, particularly since the energy transition law for green growth and its accompanying measures.

However, With the objective of achieving the “Global Efficiency” scenario of the International Energy Agency, the sector must further double the size of its investments in order to reach 580 billion dollars by 2025.

In the agency’s latest World Energy Outlook, she raises crisis-related concern over a 20% drop in energy investment in 2020. She is also concerned about the 11% drop in capital invested in “clean” technologies.

Today, groups of investors called energy service companies (ESCOs) must have access to significant capital (generally $ 200,000 minimum) to undertake actions to improve energy efficiency. However, they are often unable to turn to traditional banking channels because banks do not have the technical expertise to properly assess the return on investment.

It is particularly in the face of this clear finding that Steve Wozniak and his associates set up the business model of Efforce.

We have created a business model that enables everyone to share in the common good of a cleaner, healthier world, while harnessing efficiency for economic growth. Energy efficiency is a way to create a sustainable future, and it’s a way to help counter climate change, reduce carbon – and make money while you do it. ”

Jacopo Visetti, one of the project partners, also founder of AitherCO2, a leading company in the energy efficiency market.

Efforce’s business model: a blockchain platform to democratize access to energy efficiency projects and investment opportunities

presentation of the platform strives

Efforce is the first blockchain-based platform to democratize access to energy efficiency projects and investment opportunities.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

With Efforce, Wozniak hopes ” improve our energy footprint and reduce our energy consumption without changing our habits

Thanks to a well thought out and innovative operation, the process of financing and carrying out projects is streamlined and works thanks to three types of actors:.

illustration of three types of players positioned on the platform Strive
Three types of actors positioned on the platform

Concretely, this is how transactions go:

  • ESCOs (energy service companies) register an energy efficiency project planned which is then validated by the Efforce team;
  • Efforce develops the project with the company, including assessing the investment need, calculating the expected return, and creating an energy performance contract (EPC) that details the savings and duration of returns for the business and investors;
  • The platform then lists the project for everyone’s contribution. Participants can purchase the project using WOZX tokens fractional or whole.
  • Efforts measure energy savings on these projects through smart meters attached to the blockchain. Savings data is loaded into the investor’s profile in the form of an energy credit to be used or sold by the investor. Energy credits are distributed in megawatt hours.

It must be said that the young shoot is led by seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs who are familiar with the energy efficiency sector and who, after a decade of experience with the less efficient but still profitable ESCO model, have started to develop the business model and the Efforce platform. Jacopo Visetti, for example, was at the initiative of Milan-based AitherCO2, with annual sales of $ 240 million and which does not benefit from any external financing. Steve Wozniak was therefore drawn to Efforce for its unique approach to democratization of energy efficiency, and it’s the only company he has been involved with as a co-founder since Apple, a performance worth noting. The firm was started by Jacopo in 2018 and Wozniak, won over by the business model and the underlying philosophy, joined in the summer of 2019.

“In other words, thanks to EFFORCE, energy savings made by a third party are tokenized and can be used by anyone”

Steve wozniak

The WOZX token

This whole project could not end there without making the decision to issue your own token. As we explained to you in previous articles, it is there one of the essential revolutions enabled by the blockchain.

The Efforce team did so on December 3 the announcement of the creation of its WOZX token, named after its founder:

“Having spent most of the year in stealth mode building its architecture and servicing the first round of test projects, EFFORCE is ready to begin its journey to become the gateway to a more sustainable future. by merging cutting edge technology with over a decade of direct market experience in the energy sector ”

Effort Team

Firstly, the token was listed on the platform on December 3 and was tracked by Bithumb Global, a Korean crypto exchange. According to the start-up, WOZX market capitalization hit “$ 950 million in the first 13 minutes, or 10 times the ad price.”

The token launched a week ago was trading at $ 2.85 USD on the platform registering an increase of almost 90% in one day. Rise also explained by the introduction of the token on Bithumb Global.

During the token WOZX to December 9, 2020
WOZX price on 12/09/2020

For the little explanation, each token represents a smart energy performance contract, which guarantees the savings obtained over a certain period of time, thanks to a specific energy efficiency project. The energy savings generated thus become a tangible asset held by token holders, who can decide to sell them or use them to reduce their electricity bill thus allowing a virtuous circle. Finally, all users can purchase energy savings to offset their energy costs.

Strive project logo
Project logo

However, the WOZX token is far from gaining unanimous support in the cryptosphere today and continues to raise questions, especially due to its absence on the two largest platforms Coinbaise and Binance. How far will the token go?

Blockchain for energy – the new green deal?

The Wozniak effect will undoubtedly have a positive impact on blockchain in the field of renewable energy and the democratization of this technology full of promise. By seeking to reduce the main limits to the dissemination of efficient energy standards, Steve Wozniak and Efforce pave the way for potentially revolutionary uses. In the first place, they allow to inject capital while the process was very difficult until now, but still essential for scaling up energy projects. Second, it allows restore confidence by making public and immutable the records of measures that certify the savings generated.

“The world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions have grown exponentially, leading to climate change and extreme consequences for our environment. We can improve our energy footprint and reduce our energy consumption without changing our habits. We can save the environment just by making more energy improvements. We created Efforce to be the first decentralized platform that enables everyone to participate and financially benefit from global energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change ”.

Steve wozniak

In his own words, Steve Wozniak will have spent his career thinking about efficiency as he explains in the video below:

Efficiency is about less energy

In France too, we have a great example in this area: WPO is betting everything on its green token. Recently they proceeded to issue 4 million Green Tokens and we followed them in Thecointribune to better understand how Blockchain and energy transition could go hand in hand.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Ultimately, blockchain and ecology can go hand in hand, no matter what critics say? So, if this is the green deal, I strongly advise you to look into it. Do not hesitate to take a look at our various articles on this subject and to closely follow the first projects of the “Green Crypto” era that are emerging, this is just the beginning!


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