PIM Trend Report 2021: brands must humanize

Society is at a turning point, the researchers conclude.

Brands can no longer simply provide inspiration for a better life, but are challenged to actually contribute to a positive change in the world.

The 16th trend report, which is published annually on behalf of Platform Innovation in Marketing, was this time written by Niels Hansen, Futurise┬« maestro at LUNAR Institute, Miriam Teoh-Wijers, (brand) strategy consultant and Matt van der Poel, partner & CXO at Fresh Forward. The researchers use their own Futurise┬« trend model, which is based on years of scientific studies and research at Ghent University. The report entitled “The Humanization of Brands” describes six dominant themes for this decade and outlines per theme the perspective for brands and marketers. The vision is supplemented with a number of inspiring cases from the Netherlands and abroad.

PIM Trend Report finds tipping point: from self-confidence to fear

The report makes it clear that society is now at a special turning point. Since the early nineties, the world has been well described with words such as openness, creativity, experience, adventure and anti-authority. In the coming years, society will become a lot less free and open. The decade ahead of us is characterized by a different mindset, different norms and values, different behavior and different needs. This requires a strong adaptability of brands.

During this cycle, which lasts about fifty years each time, periods of self-confidence alternate with periods of fear

Niels Hansen: “We have discovered that the mental state of our society follows a fixed rhythm. During this cycle, which lasts about fifty years each time, periods of self-confidence alternate with periods of fear. Right now we are at a tipping point and the first changes are already visible. Society is increasingly moving; recent demonstrations are a typical example of this. At the same time, for example, we are becoming increasingly emotional and irrational, and we are increasingly looking for new ways to escape the serious reality and the pressure of the performance society. “

Brands, take your responsibility

“In the past decade, brands have inspired their customers from freedom, pleasure and rebellion for a more beautiful, fun and better life,” said Miriam Teoh-Wijers. “Now the role of brands is moving towards creating real value through the impact of their actions. Society demands more and more responsibility, brands are challenged to encourage the world to make positive change. “

Trend Fest January 21: how brands can take their new role

The report will be published on January 21, 2021 and will be presented by Niels and Miriam during the PIM Trend Fest. On that day, they will further discuss the six themes of this decade and translate the conclusions of the report into the practice of the marketer. How can you, as a brand and marketer, make the transition from inspiration to actually contribute to a positive impact on the world? A number of pioneers also entrust their best practices to the public.

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