Lidl calls for “urgency summit” with Aldi and Co.

The discounter Lidl wants to campaign for fair prices in agriculture. For this, the grocer is calling for a summit with competition and politics.

After the blockade of a Lidl central warehouse by angry farmers, the discounter wants to campaign for fair prices for agricultural products. In a letter to the other large retail chains, Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) and representatives from trade and agriculture, the head of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland), Klaus Gehrig, called on Wednesday for an “emergency summit” to take concrete measures to support the To bring farmers on the way, as Lidl announced.

Gehrig emphasized that only a joint approach by production, processing, trade and politics could bring a solution. He suggested looking for pragmatic and unbureaucratic solutions in order to improve the situation for farmers. Out of annoyance about the pricing policy of the grocery retailers had on Tuesday Hundreds of farmers in Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony blocked the access to a central warehouse of the Lidl discounter.

While Gehrig showed understanding for the farmers’ protests, he made it clear at the same time that blockades of warehouses and actions in front of branches should be the exception: “We have a responsibility to the consumers. Long blockages increase the risk of having to destroy food that has not been delivered. Nobody can care, “said the manager.


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