Eetcafe Mareveld takes the initiative for a catering solidarity run

The solidarity run
‘We will walk from South Limburg to The Hague in seven days to convince our cabinet that the catering industry must open. We are looking for as many stories as possible from entrepreneurs that indicate why the catering industry should reopen. We bundle all the stories to present them to our cabinet, ‘said the eatery. The run starts on Thursday December 10, 2020 at 11:00 am at Mareveld in Schimmert South Limburg and ends on December 16 at the Binnenhof in The Hague. ‘Anyone who wants to join can join, whether you want to run a kilometer, a stage or the entire route, all support is welcome. The Solidarity Run is supported by Member of Parliament Martijn van Helvert. ‘

These are the stages
December 10: Stage 1 Schimmert – Thorn
December 11: Stage 2 Thorn – Leende
December 12: Stage 3 Leende – Oirschot
December 13: Stage 4 Oirschot – Oosterhout
December 14: Stage 5 Oosterhout – Dordrecht
December 15: Stage 6 Dordrecht – Delft
December 16: Stage 7 Delft – The Hague

‘We need your support’, say the initiators. ‘The catering industry will not be able to survive for much longer. For some things it is already too late. The catering industry must open. So support this initiative and / or join. We don’t want to get stuck. ‘

You can find more about the loop here on Facebook on or via this website. ‘We are working for the catering industry with the catering industry. Together we are strong. We don’t want to get stuck. ‘


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