CureVac share: is the fat party over? – Chart analysis

If wild volatility is a warning signal after a price multiplication, then it was deafeningly loud yesterday for the CureVac share on the NASDAQ. As a reminder: at the end of October / beginning of November there was a share in the Tübingen biotech company, which with its COVID-19 vaccine is a few months behind the “first movers” like Moderna and BioNTech, still at prices at 46, $ 12 / $ 46.50 to buy. Who has accessed: Congratulations. Up to $ 151.80 was paid yesterday – a new all-time high.

The new top mark for the CureVac share was achieved in a remarkable trading session: yesterday, Wednesday, the share in Tübingen recorded a trading range between $ 116.92 and $ 151.80, which was extremely broad. These are clear signs of the high speculative moment in the biotech share, which is far from what is actually happening. With a market capitalization of more than $ 23 billion based on yesterday’s closing price of $ 136.27, CureVac is not far behind BioNTech’s approximately $ 30 billion, and was even closer to yesterday’s all-time high. Moderna is once again playing in a different league.

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