BioNTech share: upward trend puts pressure on the top – US news on the COVID-19 vaccine is approaching!

The first hurdle is over: In trading on the BioNTech share, the BioNTech share managed yesterday to jump over smaller obstacles that had built up during the consolidation of the past few days. Hurdles at 120.75 / 121.80 dollars and – much closer – at 123.59 / 124.91 dollars were overcome. In the course of the day, BioNTech’s share price rose to $ 126.38 and finally closed NASDAQ trading at $ 125.70, an increase of 4.75 percent. Some water was poured into the wine by failing to test the all-time high at $ 128.13. The biotech share only reached this mark a few days ago on December 1st.

One week and a so far very moderate consolidation later, the BioNTech share is again just below the top. And in the next few days, more good news about the COVID-19 vaccine project BNT162 from BioNTech and Pfizer can be expected: The stock exchanges are speculating on further approvals for BNT162 in the near future, first in the USA, then also in the EU. The first vaccinations should take place in 2020, including in Great Britain and the USA, and possibly also in the EU. But this is nothing new, investors on the stock exchanges have been “gambling” on these developments for weeks. The fact remains: upward trend intact, but possibly some things already priced in – that is the current situation for BioNTech shares.

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