Autobank: The second investor also jumps out

The Autobank is having difficulties with planned capital increases. As early as the end of November, one of two possible strategic investors who had previously concluded agreements of intent with the Autobank and the company’s main shareholders for the acquisition of shares in the course of cash capital increases had dropped out. Now investor number 2 is no longer on board either. Now, “the other possible investor has announced that it no longer intends to acquire shares in Autobank Aktiengesellschaft”, announced the Austrian company listed on m: access on Monday evening.

However, the Autobank is not yet completely without a potential investor: They are talking to another party about “concluding a letter of intent to examine a possible subscription to the capital approved in the general meeting on November 30, 2020,” the company said Vienna further. No information is given on the specific status of the talks. Further hurdles for participation would be due diligence and pending regulatory approvals if the talks progressed positively.

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