Viennetta ice cream production goes through the roof

With the closure of the catering industry, we see that more people eat ice cream at home more often and Viennetta is the lifesaver in this scene, the makers say. “Because who doesn’t like a nice piece of Viennetta after dinner or for dessert on the couch?”

We cannot ignore it: due to corona, Christmas will be different this year from previous years. It is therefore extra nice that we can keep some traditions alive, such as playing a board game in front of the fireplace, gourmet with the family and not to forget the familiar Viennetta ice cream as a delicious nostalgic dessert to enjoy together. .

For more than 38 years, Viennetta has been delighting people in the Netherlands with its creamy ice waves and crunchy chocolate layers. The dessert is especially popular during the holidays. The familiar dessert is on the table of no less than two million Dutch people during this period. And that is not without reason, says the ice cream brand. Since Viennetta was conceived in 1982 by Kevin Hillman, manager at Ola, the recipe has remained unchanged. This means you can rely on the beloved taste of the past when you put a Viennetta on the table. ‘

Also under the celebrities Viennetta remains popular, the report says. David Beckham, for example, created a classic meal during his quarantine, ending with his favorite dessert from childhood: Viennetta. He adds that as a child he only got this dessert on special occasions. Regardless of age, Viennetta is incredibly popular to share during festive moments, ‘says producer Unilever. In turbulent times such brands form a kind of (ice) rock in the surf for consumers, marketers know. This specific brand can also benefit from a certain retro power (‘hip again’) and is a familiar and comforting moment of the day. Below a video (source: RTLZ) how the classic ice pack is made.

A few more fun facts from the ice cream factory:
Did you know:
– Viennetta has broken the record for the longest ice cream cake: a Viennetta of no less than 22.7 meters long!
– There are over 45 different Viennetta flavors for sale around the world
– 16 million Viennettas are made annually for all of Europe
– A Viennetta ice cream trunk has 12 layers and is made within 6 seconds


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