Success 5 routines of successful people

The boss is the star: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is cheered
The boss is the star: Tesla CEO Elon Musk is cheereddpa

# 1 Get enough sleep

Some people are just too popular to get enough sleep. Demonstrative yawning becomes a strange status symbol in the office. But even non-blenders can fall into the fatigue trap. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant only allowed himself three or four hours of sleep. There are now twice as many. “I’ve grown up and understand how important it is to switch off,” said the former Los Angeles Lakers star (and Oscar winner) of the New York Times.

# 2 office uniform

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama are creative spirits who almost always wear the same thing. There is a method to this monotony. “I only wear gray or blue suits,” said the then US President Obama in 2012 to the magazine “Vanity Fair”. “I try to limit the number of decisions. I don’t want to decide what to eat or what to wear. Because I have too many other decisions to make. “

# 3 Ban on cell phones in bed

Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington banned the Internet from her bed. At least one hour before going to bed, all smartphones and computers must be gone from the bedroom, the journalist told the “New York Times”. Books on professional topics are also taboo.

# 4 Daily review

Apple founder Steve Jobs was a fan of the truism “If you live every day as if it were the last, you will probably be right at some point”. “For the past 33 years I’ve looked at myself in the mirror every morning and asked myself: Should today be the last day of my life, would I like what I’m going to do today?” Jobs said in his famous speech to Stanford graduates in 2005 . “And whenever the answer was ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I knew I had to change something.”

# 5 “showering”

It doesn’t always have to be this profound. Elon Musk is not even 50 years old and has already founded pioneering companies such as Paypal, Tesla and SpaceX. In a question and answer session on Reddit in 2015, the South African was asked: Which daily habit has the greatest positive effect on your life? Musk’s answer: shower. Maybe he wanted to be clever, maybe he wanted to thwart the exaggeration of mundane activities. The answer may also contain the message “Give yourself some space to breathe deeply every day and take good care of yourself #selfcare.” This Rorschach test of the “routines of successful people” probably reveals the most about the preferences of the reader himself – and can therefore be extreme to be helpful.


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