SAP share defends very young upward trend: buy signals ahead?

High tension in the SAP share: Can the DAX-listed software title finally switch to upward mode and overcome the consequences of the recent price slump in October? From the low of 89.93 euros, SAP’s share price has already been able to break free, but so far the share has not got beyond important technical obstacles. Instead, a first young upward trend has formed in the chart, which does not yet have many support points, but which the SAP share was able to defend again yesterday. This puts increasing pressure on the nearby chart resistance levels.

After yesterday’s XETRA closing price of 101.72 euros and a loss of 1.03 percent for the day, the current indications for the SAP share were trading at 101.72 / 101.78 euros on Tuesday morning.

There have been no significant changes to the most important technical chart signal marks and the scenarios for the SAP share in the last few days. Here are the most important details about the technical position of the DAX stock:


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