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Restaurateurs sell the food, but Lieferando wins

A Lieferando courier in downtown Stuttgart Photo: imago / Arnulf Hettrich

In the Corona year, delivery and pick-up meals are often the only source of income for restaurateurs. One platform in particular benefits from this: the German market leader Lieferando.

Stuttgart – A new order comes in in the kitchen. The device, which is similar to a tablet, reports once “Klinsmann” and once “Berbatov”. Pick-up time 1 p.m. Florian Zschoche is waiting. Only when he sees an orange e-bike pull up does he fill two baked potatoes. “Klinsmann” with melted onions, cress, cheese, butter, cucumber salad and a veal dumpling. “Berbatov” with vegan ingredients such as beetroot, mushrooms, pesto, couscous and nuts. He packs the order in biodegradable cardboard boxes and hands it over to the cyclist in the Lieferando jacket. He puts the food in a suitcase-like backpack and drives away. Florian Zschoche hopes that the driver will get to his destination quickly. He doesn’t want a complaint about cold food, after all, he depends on the customers.


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