RankingStepstone: The best employers in Germany 2020

Stepstone has chosen the best employers for 2020. For this purpose, the ratings of current and former employees were evaluated on the job platform. The analysis is based on the information provided on 1.1 million pieces of data that were received on the site in the past four years up to October 1, 2020. Current ratings were classified as more relevant and therefore weighted higher.

According to Stepstone, only companies with at least 60 ratings and at least 30 comments were considered for the ranking. The bar was therefore comparatively low. The range between the companies in the top 10 is also very wide. It is between 69 and 464 ratings. This may reflect the fact that the assessment of companies is not necessarily a priority at Stepstone.

For comparison: Bayer AG had 182 ratings at Stepstone on November 27, 2020. On the evaluation platform Kunuu it was 1698. The pharmaceutical company is the only company that can be found on the best lists of both platforms for the year 2020 (the one by Kunuu was published in January 2020). This underlines that such rankings depend heavily on the orientation and user preferences of the respective provider.

These are the top rated employers in 2020 on Stepstone:


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