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A recent survey of 2,000 Americans by “Innovation Consultancy Highland” shows the scale of the economic disaster caused by the lockdown. Americans’ savings have melted like snow in the sun and many are at risk of losing their homes. Is this a prelude to the helicopter currency in the form of CBDC?

$ 500

The study shows this staggering figure: 82% of respondents said they were unable to meet an unforeseen expense of more than $ 500… This is a drastic increase compared to the 2019 survey which showed already that 50% of Americans did not have $ 500 in front of them.

The American Dream has become a mirage … 27% of respondents said they have borrowed more than $ 10,000 since the start of the pandemic. 12% say they have borrowed between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 and 45% have borrowed between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000!

Overall, 60% of those polled say they have made less money since the start of the pandemic (March). This crisis, orchestrated from scratch through the sacrifice of small businesses and the medieval confinement of populations, risks throwing millions of Americans into the streets.

The following graph is extremely telling. It shows the percentage of households behind on their rent or mortgage that are at high risk of being excluded from their home in the next two months.

foreclosure USA evictions
“Percentage of households behind on their rent / loan where eviction is very likely within the next two months

Job creations were also not very good in November with only 240,000 jobs created against the expected 500,000. The trend is clearly towards a slowdown, as if the economy is knocked out, unable to restart.

Job creation (excluding agricultural sector) in the United States (one bar = one month)

$ 1200

Faced with this economic scuttling, a second “stimulus package” is on the way. Despite the trench warfare waged by Republicans and Democrats amid electoral fraud, the US Congress is expected to distribute hundreds of billions again soon.

The proposal on the table includes an unemployment benefit of $ 300 per week. There are also plans to extend the moratorium on student loans and housing evictions.

But there won’t be a second check. As a reminder, each American had also received a check for $ 1,200 during the first stimulus package (April), or about 300 billion in all.

The back-pedaling is most likely linked to the Trump administration’s refusal to get its finger on the notorious “Digital Dollar” cog. Indeed, many US deputies had asked during the vote of the first check that this money be paid directly by the FED. The goal here is to prevent the state from getting into more debt (money created ex nihilo by the FED) and that every American opens an account directly with the FED.

We would then be on the cusp of a universal income paid to those who accept the digital identity dear to Bill Gates. It’s a bit the same principle as the Covid passport. No vaccine, no plane. No digital identity, no free check …


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

The end of cash

We would be getting closer to a society without cash. A total surveillance company where everyone can be blocked from accessing their money with just one click.

On the monetary side, the Digital Dollar means that the money injected will not have to be repaid. Which is purely inflationary, especially in a context of declining oil production. That’s good, that’s exactly what the Fed wants: to raise prices. The goal is to reduce the debt burden and preserve the debt ponzi for some time …

Still on this ambition to pay checks in the form of Digital Dollar, note that the bill (ABC Act, April) requires that the US Congress authorizes the FED to create “FedAccounts” or “Digital Dollar Accounts”. Wallets ”allowing you to pay $ 2,000 per month.


We can also read that this money must be able to be used via an app. The latter will most likely require identification by facial recognition or other biometric data … # ID2020

In short, the Trump administration is not eating bread from the democratic globalists in Davos. Hence the impossibility of reaching an agreement to pay a second “stimulus check”.

If Joe Biden ends up taking power, then we’ll have this duo in charge:

Christine Lagarde (President of the ECB) and Janet Yellen (former President of the FED and future Secretary of the Treasury of Biden)

In the end, you should expect something like this:

“Leaked Secret Image of a Digital Dollar”

This gives us the opportunity to recall the evolution of the value of the $ 1,200 check paid last April if the Americans had immediately exchanged it for Bitcoin:

$ 1,200 check is now worth $ 3,492 (in BTC)

Let us finish by reporting the words of the Frenchman Benoît Coeuré. The Central Bank of Central Banks (BIS) Mr CBDC said at the China Finance Forum 40:


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

“Apparently millions of people have entered the Shenzhen People’s Bank lottery. The lucky winners won CBDCs which they could use in thousands of stores. ”

Benoît Coeuré, Nov 20, during the China Finance 40 Forum. Source:

The wild currency helicopter and inflation are coming … Hold on to your Bitcoins!

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