Bitcoin Group share: It runs and runs and runs … – Chart analysis

The hype with the cryptocurrencies does not leave the Bitcoin Group share unscathed. On the contrary: The last few weeks have been characterized by an increasingly steep upward trend in the Herford company’s share price. The starting point for the rally was the zone around the 23 euro mark in September / October of this year. However, the Bitcoin Group’s share price did not really take off until mid-November, when the breakout above the 200-day line could be kept stable. Since then, the Bitcoin Group share climbed from EUR 26.25 on November 11 to as much as EUR 50.30, which was reached in yesterday’s trading. It went out of trading on Monday at 50.00 euros, this morning the indications for the cryptocurrency title are 52.00 / 52.30 euros.

The price has doubled within less than a month. Meanwhile, the rally of the Bitcoin Group share is feeding itself on new technical chart buy signals – the fact that the situation is overbought currently (still!) Does not matter. The Herford share price has only just overcome strong technical chart hurdles between 44.85 / 45.40 euros and 46.90 euros and at 48.00 / 48.75 euros. The areas become technical chart support for the Bitcoin Group share, which saw significantly higher price levels in 2017 with a top zone at 86.20 / 89.45 euros. At 58.00 / 59.60 euros at the latest, further chart-technical hurdles should be expected for the Bitcoin title, where business is going better than expected thanks to the hype about the crypro currencies we reported.


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