BioNTech share: A very, very tight box! – Chart analysis

Will BioNTech shares manage to break through their previous all-time high of $ 218.13 on December 1st? Yesterday it looked good meanwhile, the daily high of $ 129.90 on the NASDAQ meant a new top level for the biotech share. But the outbreak could not be confirmed by the Mainz participation in the further course of the day. Instead, the share price fell back to $ 127.13 and did not significantly exceed the $ 128.37 / $ 128.40 range as trading continued. At $ 128.11, BioNTech’s share price was almost exactly at the previous all-time high from NASDAQ trading.

So it’s a very, very tight box for shares in the biotech company whose COVID-19 vaccine – developed in cooperation with Pfizer – continues to bring good news. The FDA sees no problems with safety or effectivenessas it became known yesterday. The US Medicines Agency’s decision-making committee meets on Thursday. In view of the previous statements from the FDA, one can assume that the BNT162 will be approved. The problem: This is exactly what investors have been speculating on the stock exchange for weeks and the question remains how much of the good news has already been anticipated at the current price level of the BioNTech share.


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