TubeSolar: The numbers will be in the black in 2023

There will be a capital increase at TubeSolar. Investors can get a new paper for 10 old shares. The subscription price per share is 6.00 euros. This can bring in a gross amount of 6 million euros. The subscription period runs from December 8th to December 22nd. As a result, there will be a private placement with selected investors.

It is already clear that the capital increase will be fully subscribed. The major shareholder of TubeSolar ensures this with his guarantee that he will subscribe to all unsubscribed shares.

With the fresh money they want to partially finance the construction of the highly automated production of the grid-like TubeSolar tube modules.

The analysts from First Berlin confirm the buy recommendation for the shares of TubeSolar. The experts still see the price target at EUR 9.40.

The experts expect the first sales in 2022. Then TubeSolar should generate 25.6 million euros. The loss per share should be 0.06 euros. In 2020 and 2021 sales should be 0. The experts forecast earnings per share at -0.29 euros and -0.09 euros.

According to the analyst model, TubeSolar will be in the black in 2023. Then there should be a turnover of 84.24 million euros, the earnings per share should be 0.62 euros.

The shares of TubeSolar gain 4.2 percent in the morning to 7.45 euros.


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